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Associate Professor - Principle Investigator

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Dr. Holodick's primary appointment is in the Department of Investigative Medicine at Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine (WMed). She serves as Scientific Director for the Flow Cytometry Core Facility and Chair of the Institutional Biosafety Committee at WMed. Dr. Holodick performed her undergraduate work at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She obtained her Ph.D. in Immunology from Boston University in 2009.  



Postdoctoral Fellow

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Sarah Webster earned her B.S. in Biochemistry and a B.A. in Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan, with a research focus on early embryogenesis and development. From there, Sarah earned her Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience from Western Michigan University in 2021. She studied in the lab of Dr. Cindy Linn where her research focused on the molecular pathways involved in retinal regeneration. Passionate about the influence of biological sex in development, regeneration, and cellular maintenance, Sarah joined the Holodick Lab in August 2021 where she is interested in better characterizing the development, self-renewal, and long-term maintenance of B-1 lymphocytes. 



Research Associate / Research Laboratory Technician 4

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Naomi Tsuji earned her B.A. in Biochemistry from Knox College.  Prior to earning her degree, Naomi worked at Pharmacia/Pfizer as an Associate Lab Technician in the Quality Control Non-Sterile labs until 2008.  There she gained experience in HPLC, pH, and Karl Fisher assays along with regulatory compliance and auditing.  With her experience in Industry and her degree, Naomi returned to Knox College as the Chemistry Lab Manager in 2010.  While enjoying working with students and helping them develop their love of science, Naomi missed being in the lab.  Naomi joined the Holodick lab in November of 2016. 



Research Assistant / Research Laboratory Technician 2

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Daken Heck earned his B.F.A. in Film from Syracuse University. Before earning his degree, Daken worked at J. Walter Thompson as a producer and editor.  He went on to obtain his M.F.A in Painting from Long Island University. Daken joined the Holodick lab in May of 2021. Daken is passionate about art, music, and permaculture.



Research Assistant / Research Laboratory Technician 1

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Ian Hurley is finishing up his B.A. in Biology and Spanish at Kalamazoo College. He has a passion for health care and is looking to go to medical school to become a surgeon. In the Holodick lab, Ian is investigating the impact of estrogen on aging B-1 cells by comparing gene expression of aged/young B-1 cells (extracted from mice) with and without estrogen receptors. This research is being done to support the general investigation of the role of B-1 cells in healthy aging and disease. Outside the lab, Ian enjoys running, making time for family, and camping/backpacking



Medical Student


Peter Ewing earned his B.A in Psychology and Medieval Studies from the University of California, Davis. From there, Peter joined the workforce for several years serving as a Public Safety Dispatcher before returning to school to pursue interests in biomedical research and medicine. He earned a Master of Science in Biology from California State University, Los Angeles in 2016, completing a thesis on the knockout of a heme utilization cluster in a hypervirulent bacterial strain. Peter then matriculated to Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine. As a medical student, Peter has had a passion for Psychiatry, with clinical interests in general inpatient treatment, addiction, new and novel treatment modalities and the efficacious use of medication-assisted psychotherapy. Peter joined the Holodick lab in early 2000 and has been working on projects exploring the role of IgM in selection of the murine B-1a cell repertoire with age. Outside of the lab, Peter enjoys hiking, travel, and his cats.



Medical Student

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Rosemary Vergara earned her B.S in Biology with a double minor in Public Health Science and Biotechnology from Santa Clara University. After graduation, she spent four years in the Blish Lab at Stanford University School of Medicine, with an emphasis on studying Natural Killer cells. She received a Masters in Biomedical Sciences from Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine and is now a second-year medical student. Rosemary is passionate about health disparities, health inequity, and low-income health care. She joined the Holodick Lab in 2021 where she is studying how B-1 cells are influenced by genetics and sex hormones. In her free time, Rosemary serves as the Vice President of Operations with the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) National. Her heroes include her parents and her little sister Diana. 



Medical Student

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Sydney Les earned her B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Hope College, with a research focus on the efficacy of water filters in developing countries. She is a medical student at Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine, Class of 2025. She joined the Holodick lab in November 2021, where she continues to study the role of B1 cells in sickle cell disease and retinal homeostasis. Outside of her studies, Sydney enjoys crochet and being active outdoors.



Medical Student

Morgan joined the Holodick Lab in 2023



Medical Student

Jordan joined the Holodick Lab in 2023

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